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About Us

The idea for LipLidz® started in November 2009. Suzanne had an idea for uniquely styled shatterproof cocktail glasses with lids that would prevent major spilling and insects from landing in her drink. She kept thinking how difficult it is to walk around and not tip a good martini or spill a top shelf margarita, especially in a crowd, not to mention black flies in your Chardonnay!! Over the next two years, designs were tweaked and prototypes made. We are proud to say all the parts and pieces of LipLidz are BPA free and made in North Carolina, USA!

Bringing a product to the market can be an arduous task, unless you have key people who offer their expertise and guidance.  A special thanks to my wonderful husband Joe, my son Hunter and all my friends who have helped along the way.

We hope you enjoy using your LipLidz!

~ Cheers ~